Ya están las inscripciones abiertas en EORA para los próximos seminarios III y IV de JEAN PAUL HÖPPNER.

Tercer seminario del 16 al 19 de mayo de 2019
Homunculus viscerocranii 
In the third seminar the theme is the study of osteopathy and the visceral system. Via the neurocranii (chronology) the study will continue with the description of the different digestive organs. Hereby there will be made a clear difference between the concepts of metabolism and digestion. Partly for this reason these organs get a new additional meaning overall.



Cuarto seminario del 12 al 15 de diciembre de 2019
Homunculus interni 
This fourth seminar, osteopathy vascular – urogenital – parietal, is the final part. Not only the missing parts will be explained in their development but in this weekend it will also become clear that these organs and organ systems form a result from the previous two homunculi. This has concrete consequences for the daily practice.




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